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Cleaning processes and cleanliness play a key role in the electrical industry, where even small amounts of contamination can have serious consequences for the performance and safety of equipment. Our company provides innovative cleaning solutions that help electrical companies to achieve the highest standards of cleanliness and performance.

We develop complete cleaning solutions for the electronics industry, including high quality water and alcohol based cleaning agents and stainless steel cleaning system with the widest range on the market and off-line and inline traceability of the cleaning process.

Application :

1. Stencil + Misprint + Squeegee

Perfectly clean stencils (with and without frames) and squeegees are one of the basic prerequisites for the overall quality of SMT production.

2. PCBA Cleaning

The number of PCBAs used in the automotive, healthcare, aviation, communications and other industries is growing rapidly. Ensuring the functional reliability of these modules is therefore very important. Everything is further enhanced by miniaturization of PCBAs and their subsequent exposure to climatic influences (humidity, gases, temperature,…).

3. Maintenance Cleaning

The overall maintenance of machines and equipment is a very important part of the production process. Soldering frames, masks, filters, coolers and many other components should be regularly cleaned to prevent damage to a machine, which would then have to be shut down. Removing flux residues and other contaminants that occur during the process will ensure reliable production and trouble-free operation.

4. Conformal Coating Cleaning

The removal of conformal coatings from the surfaces of coating frames, various PCBAs or from coated PCBAs themselves is a very complex cleaning process. Coating manufacturers care about the quality of their products, but they usually do not deal with the subsequent cleaning of different surfaces.

5. Manual Cleaning

A common part of cleaning processes in companies is the manual cleaning of certain machine parts or PCBs. Ensuring proper PCB functionality is one of the basic requirements in the electrical engineering industry. PCBs are often repaired manually after which the repaired spot needs to be cleaned again.

6. Under-stencil Cleaning

In addition to mechanically cleaning the entire stencil, it is very important to clean the print underside directly in the machine. Thorough cleaning of this section results in better overall printing, lower printing paste consumption and flawless results. Special cleaning fluids, whether water or alcohol-based, should be used to clean the printing machines to ensure a perfectly clean printing area.

7. Coated Frames and Parts of Coating Machines

A very complex cleaning process is the removal of cured coatings from the surfaces of coating frames, various PCB carriers (conformal coating cleaning machines and frames) and parts of the coating line.

8. Coated PCBAs

A very complex process is the complete or partial removal of coatings from the surfaces of coated PCBAs, their repair and subsequent return to service.

9. Cleaning PCBA from Dust and Rust

When repairing PCBAs from a very dirty environment, it is necessary to clean the board thoroughly of all contaminants such as dust, rust, grease and other small impurities without damaging the PCBA itself.

10. ESD boxes and magazines

We offer cleaning for ESD boxes (plastic) and PCBA trays complete process in one system including cleaning agents, software controlled, fully automated electronic processes.

11. Stencil + Misprint + Squeegee cured and uncured silicone based

In PCBA manufacturing, printing errors known as B-side misprints/overprints are common. Cleaning them is crucial for the following reasons:

  1. PCBA recovery and repair: cleaning can save and repair expensive components.
  2. Removal of unsoldered solder cured and uncured silicone based.
  3. Removal of solder flux residues: Flux residues can cause corrosion.

12. Manual Cleaning of Reflow Ovens and Waves

General maintenance of machinery and equipment is part of the production process. Removing flux residues and other contaminants that arise during the process will ensure reliable production and trouble-free operation. As a producer of cleaning systems and cleaning agents, we offer sprays for manual cleaning of parts that cannot be removed from the machine.

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