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We live in revolutionary times. Our ways of working and manufacturing are changing radically. The digital transformation, value chains, real-time information, Industry 4.0 and the smart factory are popular buzzwords that you hear all the time. They represent promising concepts that are being implemented by more and more companies. While goals like optimal quality, delivery reliability and efficiency remain unchanged, the demands on process performance rise steadily and call for new solutions.

With WORKS, ASMPT delivers a software suite with line-oriented applications that can be adapted to the individual requirements of your respective production environment. You can connect WORKS to your own manufacturing execution system (MES) as well as to third-party software.

The powerful, comprehensive and user-friendly software solution makes it easy to design complex production processes as well as individual tasks effectively and efficiently.

WORKS lays the foundation for the Intelligent Factory and promotes step-by-step automation with its multitude of smart functions for operator support and process optimization.

WORKS Programming

Relieve your lines by creating printing and placement programs offline and validating them via offline simulations before they are downloaded to the line when the production commences.

WORKS Planning

Optimize your equipment utilization and deliver on time by automatically importing orders, deadlines and data from IT/ERP systems, communicating with the lines in real time, and optimizing their setup sequences.

WORKS Logistics

Perfectly organize your SMT-specific materials: Emergency stocks, material shortfalls, confusing paper lists, manual searches and material- related line stops are now a thing of the past.

WORKS Preparation

Have all relevant data regarding orders, machine setups and materials reliably under control, determine precise production sequences, and ensure trouble-free setup processes.

WORKS Operations

Ask WORKS to monitor your lines automatically and use the information (machine errors, material replenishments, etc.) to generate tasks that are communicated to your operators on their smart devices intelligently, prioritized, and based on their availability and skills.

WORKS Monitoring

Ensure stable production workflows through smart monitoring of KPIs across multiple lines in real time with automatic notifications and reports.

WORKS Optimization

WORKS is the world’s first software that can implement self-learning experts systems on the SMT line. The AI tool can optimize some or all of your production processes autonomously.

WORKS Integration

WORKS enables the non-proprietary exchange of application data on the shop floor as well as the connection of MES systems in your company.

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